Humanities Research Workshops- Take 1

Tonight, NUAMPS is shooting for the Office of the Provost, filming the first in a series of four Humanities Research Workshops.   The workshops are geared toward undergraduates who have thought of getting involved in research, but are unsure about what exactly that means for students in the humanities or the creative arts.  The workshops are designed to help these students develop their interests into viable research projects.  The theme of tonight’s program is: Thinking About Research/Developing Questions.

We are taping the event as it happens, and will be intercutting interviews shot just before the workshop in the new B180 production studio with its panelists:

  • Professor Deborah Cohen (History)
  • Professor Tracy Davis (Theater)
  • Professor Sanford Goldberg (Philosophy)
  • Professor Al Hunter (Sociology)

We will continue this series in two weeks with the Methodology Fair program at Norris in the Northwestern Room.