IPR – Workshops on Quasi-Experimental Design and Analysis in Education

Alex Knell at Quasi-Experimental Design Workshop

While Mr. Fernandez and Mr. Wallach are off blogging at the BB Mobile Summit, the Video Team is in week 3 of a series of workshops from the Institute for Policy Research. Week 1 and 2 included the Summer Research Training Institute: Cluster-Randomized Trials from the Institute of Education Sciences and The National Center for Education Research. This week features Professors Thomas Cook of Northwestern and William Shadish of the University of California. They lead the workshop this year on the design and analysis of practical quasi-experiments for use in education.

We have shot about 10 Terabytes of footage so far and have been on a steady diet of shooting, importing, editing, and exporting. Chris Wallace and Sarah Marcus have been prepping the sync between the video and PowerPoint presentations. The fully search-able end product will let you search by key word and will automatically bring you to the point in the Video/PowerPoint where that subject is discussed. This has been a full crew effort!