Oncofertility Conference – 2014

Oncofertility Conference - 04

For the 8 years the Oncofertility Consortium has had their annual conference, the AMPS team has been there to capture the research, the presentations, and the collaboration that is showcased.  Personally, it is my 6th year covering this conference and it’s been an exciting journey following how far the consortium has come in its research and real-world implications.

Oncofertility Conference - 01

This year, we have Laura Kick directing the event and making sure everything goes smoothly.  Myself, Dee, Stephen, Nate, are on call as well as some stellar freelancers, Aaron Dolan, and John Zachary.  Running A/V, Mike Curtis and Zoran Ilic are making sure all the presenters have their slides in order before they speak.

Oncofertility Conference - 02

It’s always exciting collaborating with the Oncofertility Consortium in all its media endeavors, and the annual conference is no exception!

Oncofertility Conference - 03