AF100 Demo & Training for Students

Today Stephen and I gave our student workers a demo on the Panasonic AF100 camera system. We went over everything from how to assemble the camera, to what the difference is between a full frame sensor and the micro 4/3rds sensor that the AF100 has. We have some really talented undergraduate students on our workforce who produce pro level work for us. I’m glad we can continue to help our students stay up to date with the latest information and tools that will help them be even more successful in the future.  The AF100 is not available on campus, but a camera that they may encounter once they graduate or on a shoot outside of Northwestern.  It is important our students to learn that each camera is a tool, and its not about the buzz…or whats hot.  It’s about thinking critically about your project and finding the camera that can help you execute your vision most efficiently, within your budget.   Everyone will be shooting with the new cameras to add to our Northwestern Stock Footage Repository, as well as get some practice on the new systems!

NUIT AMPS Students AF100 Demo

(From Left to Right) Jane Wang, Ian Holden, Eric Choi, Nick Gertonson, Harrison Atkins

Jane Wang (Freelancer) will be heading to Taiwan in November to begin production on a documentary. Ian Holden, Eric Choi, and Harrison Atkins (Student Shooters/Editors) are all shooting their RTVF Senior Directing Projects this quarter, Nick Gertonson (Student Animator/Designer) designed the 2011/12 Theatre and Interpretation Center Programs and Posters, and is in a show called “Never The Sinner” this quarter.

AF100 Camera system, SmallHD DP6 Field Monitor, Genus Rail System

Pictured above is one of our Panasonic AF100 cameras outfitted with an Olympus 35-100mm 2.0 lens, and the SmallHD Dp6 Field Monitor. It’s sitting on a Genus Rail system (with Genus Matte Box and Follow Focus) with various Zacuto components including the “Zupport” and the “Zamerican Articulating Arm.” We love this rig.