Countdown to Dance Marathon!


Zoran, Jordan and Nate check the livestream for audio quality.

We’re counting down the hours until the 42nd Dance Marathon begins; we’re two hours away from blast off! This year, we’re providing Dance Marathon with an HD live stream, and HD video switcher and and HD camera. Students from the Productions Committee will be operating the NewTek TriCaster 460, as well as the Panasonic HVX200 as the mobile camera for in-the-crowd shots. Our Haivsion Makitos are providing the live stream to viewers from all over the country, and around the world.

Yesterday we did a test setup and worked with the other video vendor, as well as the students and audio vendor to make sure all our equipment connected properly and there were no problems.

Tonight Dance Marathon starts at 7pm, and the live stream can be viewed at



Nate and our intern Jordan connect input feeds and power to the TriCaster.


Nate organizes cables while Jordan preps a camera.

Watch a timelapse of setup here: