Dance Marathon, the results are in…

Over the weekend, the Dance Marathon non-profit organization raised over $1,000,000 this year – an all time high.  Over 900 students danced for 30 hours to raise the record high gifts and donations to be distributed to The Children’s Heart Foundation and the Evanston Community Foundation.  You can read more here…

Zoran Ilic, of NUAMPS, worked directly with the Dance Marathon organization to setup live video stream.   The live flash stream was configured to provide both high and medium quality streams, which would be chosen automatically based on your network connection and other factors.

The live stream is an important component of the success of the event.  It provides the ability for those who cannot dance for 30 hours straight (which is most of us) to watch comfortably from our homes, and more importantly to provide a view for those who are donating gifts to contribute to the fund-raising goals using the website.

Nearly 3000 unique viewers at some point had tuned in to watch the live stream which peaked at 293 on Saturday evening at 9:20pm.

Viewing statistics:

  • Total Unique Viewers – 2,994
  • Northwestern Viewers – 893
  • Total Peak Viewers – 293
  • Unique Countries – 40

Each mark on the map below represents a different country which had watched the Dance Marathon event at some point during the 30 hours of broadcast.  The most popular country was the United States, followed by the United Arab Emirates, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom, India, Qatar, Canada, Japan and even viewers from Estonia, Bahrain, Ecuador, Sweden, Indonesia, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, and so on.


This is the 8th Dance Marathon which we’ve supported here in NUIT A&RT NUAMPS, and we’re looking forward to the next one!