Congratulations Northwestern Dance Marathon !

Congratulations to the dancers, the NUDM steering committee and the co-chairs, and to all the donors that made this year’s event another wonderful example of our Northwestern community giving back. We were proud here in Northwestern IT to help, in our own way, by providing the streaming services to NUDM again this year. As NUDM has evolved, so has video streaming and services we have provided. The statistics of this years stream:
Total Unique Viewers: 1832

Total Viewing Time: 2780h 9m 30s

Avg Viewing Time: 1h 31m 3s

Total used Bandwidth: 2857.83GB

Countries: 28

United States of America, Canada, Costa Rica, Switzerland, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, India, Mexico, Korea (Republic of), Chile, Singapore, Hong Kong, Spain, Dominican Republic, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Ireland, Thailand, Haiti, Norway, France, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Colombia, Greece, Peru, Russian Federation, Sweden and South Africa.