Humanities Research Workshop Session #2

The video team shot the second Humanities Research Workshop on Monday.  Peter Civetta, who is the brains behind the event, is offering students a series of workshops to help them get started with doing research.  The workshops consist of short faculty discussions on the different topics of their research.  The focus is to help students learn the basics of how to start researching whatever they are interested in, and also how to acquire grants to fund their topic of interest.  While the first workshop consisted mainly of a panel discussion, the second was a more fast paced environment.  Research “Speed Dating” had students going all over Norris to listen to short presentations with different faculty.  6 professors on 3 different floors in 3 different rooms, posed a fun challenge for the video team, as we had up to 10 wireless microphones connected to our cameras to capture this event.  Everything went smoothly of course and we are currently editing all of the footage!