Humanities Research Workshop Session #3



Students braved the vanguard of the snowpocalypse last night, filling the room in Norris where we continued our series of the Humanities Research Workshops. This time, the workshop concentrated on resources and opportunities available for undergraduates. How can you obtain undergraduate research grants so you don’t have to work at Starbucks all summer? What paperwork and hoops do you need to jump through to get approval from the institutional review board? A series of panels discussed research ethics, international issues, undergraduate research grant proposals, and in-depth resources available within and beyond the library. 

They also addressed many challenges faced by researchers, especially for international field research. How can you prevent being taken advantage of by local organizations and their own agendas? How do you contact remote locations with little to no access to the internet? What is the best way to handle language and cultural barriers to research? Attendance to these workshops has continued to be full and participatory. Next week, the series will continue with a writing workshop for hands-on proposal and application writing, mock interviews, and feedback from staff, previous grant winners, and research assistants.