BioEXCEL Students Learn Video Editing Basics

BioEXCEL is an exciting new academic and leadership development program for students interested in the biological sciences.  Highly-motivated students from across the country will complete a stimulating five-week summer program on the Northwestern University Evanston campus.  BioEXCEL students will live together in a Northwestern residence hall and have the opportunity to experience college life under the mentorship of residential peer counselors.  The program will prepare students for the rigors of academic life while also providing a social network of peers.

NUIT DIgital Video Specialists Stephen Poon and Bob Medich showed the 2012 BioEXCEL students the basics of iMovie, as well as walking them through a quick course on three-point lighting. After shooting some test projects, there we also helped with setting up special effects, titling, transitions, and adding voiceovers and music to their productions.

NUIT's Stephen Poon explains the basics of three-point lighting to BioEXCEL students.