Congratulations to Chris Wickman

photo_020909_004aChristopher Wickman, senior RTVF Major and NUAMPS Video Production Specialist, was recently selected to direct the annual Niteskool music video featuring the song “20 Somethin’ Baby” by The Bob Hill Band.

Every year, Niteskool produces one of the largest film productions on campus in the form of a music video.  Through fundraising and a grant from the Deans Advisory Council they raise roughly $20,000 to create this great opportunity for students at NU.

Chris originally came to the Film Program because of his love for editing.  In high school he acquired Sony’s editing program Vegas, and began making movies with his friends.  Since then, he has taken many classes specializing in all areas of film production.  He edited the Niteskool music video last year, directed by Chris Amos, a friend and fellow NUAMPS staff member.

Chris had a clear vision of the music video he wants to direct.  He knew that a lot of the other applicants for the role of director wanted to do a more traditional, narrative piece for the video.  He decided to take another approach.  “I want this to be an outrageous visual experience,” says Chris, “I want to make the audience feel like they like they are in the room with the band.”   Chris plans on using a super techno crane, choreographed dancers, slow motion, and the smashing of TV’s to bring his vision to fruition.  He says that they plan to start shooting in May, and that he is really excited about the project.

Chris, a senior, is another example of the exceptional talent we have on our staff here at NUAMPS, He has worked with us on our video production team since he was a Freshman here at NUIT A&RT NUAMPS  and we look forward to seeing the finished product!