iBradley was great!

Chris Free‘s and my master class went exceptionally well on Friday, the first part of our class was directed at the students and some of the things that we has wished we would have known before graduation.  After that we did a Drupal demonstration where we built an entire Drupal site from start to finish in 15 minutes.  (**Not a complicated site and with a few hours of preparation)  I think the students enjoyed getting to see how we work.  It was also a great exercise for me and Chris to see how we respectively approach a project.

The Film and Animation master class was extremely interesting as well, Dave Rogers demo’d the process for creating an animated comercial and discussed some of the issues with the fast paced industry.  Joel Raabe blew everyone’s mind with his demo of his Pro Tools setup from the WW2 in HD documentary and Renae Radford screened part of her masters thesis project and then explained the technique that she used to create the animation.  Diana Hughes did the master class in Game Design and got everyone up and moving with her in person game demo.

The alumni day on Saturday was a great event, we had Interactive Media from all over the country in for the day.  It provided some wonderful networking opportunities for the current students as well as the alumni.  Dr. Jennifer Robin presented an hour about “How to make great places to work” which was a very interesting and useful presentation for the alumni.

After Dr Robin’s presentation the alumni got to go to our favorite Peoria restaurant Thanh Linh, after dinner we had an alumni panel presentation and then we got to see the production of America Live.  Our very own Katie Onuma was one of the actors for the show.  (In the chair on the left)


Here is one of the photos that Mark took during our panel presentation on Saturday night!