iBradley Weekend for part of NUAMPS

My Alma Mater, the Bradley University Interactive Media Department is quite special to me and somehow NUAMPS has become home to three of us from the BU IM department (myself, Mark Skala and Katie Onuma).  Don Kenyon from A&RT has worked with the BU IM department on numerous projects and Harlan taught a class remotely for the IM department in 2007.  This weekend the IM department will be hosting an awesome event for the current students and alumni from the department.

Six alumni have been asked to attend as a “Distinguished Alumni Group”, that group is

Joel Raabe – Emmy Award Winning Audio Engineer – Gramercy Post
Dave Rogers – VFX Artist – Click 3X
Renae Radford – Modeling and surfacing coordinator – DreamWorks Animation
Di Hughes – Video Game Producer/Designer – Codename Games
Chris Free – Director of Web Development –  ChromaticSites Inc
and myself, Dave Look – Digital Media Specialist – NUAMPS

This group will be arriving throughout the day tomorrow and will be attending classes with the current students, meeting with faculty and administrators from the program and enjoying a welcome back dinner with the chair of the department Jim Ferolo.  On Friday we will be teaching a series of Masterclasses for the current students following the master classes we will be getting to view the film “Not Dead Yet” directed by Sam Hull also Bradley Alumnus.

Saturday will include a “State of the Department” presentation by Jim Ferolo, followed by presentations from some current students, a ‘campaign’ initiatives presentation, a showcase of some alumni work (which includes the Operation Amazon promotional video that I have been working on this year), the alumni mentioned above will then be presenting a panel discussion related to their respective industries and lastly we will be going to see the current IM and Theatre production America Live!

I will be posting as I can over the next few days!  Mark Skala and Katie Onuma will be joining for part of the weekend as well!  It should be a great event.

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The last link here is to the Renaissance Gala event, that before NUAMPS myself, Mark and Katie all had some part in with the IM department:

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