2011 Heilborn Symposium

The 2011 Heilborn Symposium kicks off the first of many events for video crew this week!  “The Three Frontiers of Particle Physics” takes place in TECH LR3, and our shooting setup is a bit different for this event!  We are using the built in capabilities of LR3 to get an HD feed from the automated camera, and shooting with one of our HVX200 cameras.  We will then edit them together into one program for the Dept. of Physics and Astrology.

The symposium explains the physics of elementary particles on three experimental fronts: In high-energy collider experiments, in low-energy experiments searching for forbidden or extremely rare processes, and in the exceedingly precise measurement of very low energy or static properties of known light particles.  Through the generous support of George Heilborn, a graduate of the physics program at Northwestern University, the faculty of the Department of Physics and Astronomy have invited three distinguished physicists to present the status of experimental work at these three frontiers, and a world-renowned theorist to explain the particle physics principles that bridge them.

Dr. Yannis Semertzidis, of Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL), will present the latest results and plans for future experiments on the Precision Frontier, where extremely precise measurements are made.

Dr. Laurence Littenberg, also of BNL, will present the latest results and plans for future experiments on the Intensity Frontier, where rare processes are studied.

Prof. Paris Sphicas, of CERN and the University of Athens, will present the latest results from the High-Energy Frontier, led dramatically by the start of the Large Hadron Collider Program.

Prof. John Ellis, of CERN and King’s College London, will show how research at the three frontiers of particle physics together illuminate the field, and will explain the Theoretical Connections that bind the results of these experiments.