Plone Symposium East 2008 Day 1

“This is easily the Plone tool of the symposium.”
— overheard from fellow attendee after Jonathan Smith’s presentation on High Resolution Image Viewing and Annotation Tools for Plone

I am blogging from my Hotel Room at the Nittany Lion Inn, having completed the first day of the 2008 Plone Symposium East. This is the first big meeting for the Plone Community since the release of Plone 3. There is a heavy representation of the Academic Community, as well outside vendors and other Plone community luminaries. Mostly developers here and it feels like I am one of the few designers here.


Jonathan Smith’s talk wowed the crowd, and if they knew the location of his office at Northwestern I am certain there would be people pounding down his door to get these tools. The most common question for him was “When can we have this?”. The answer: “Soon.”

Tomorrow Eric Carty-Fickes will present the work he has been doing on Plone Integration with Blackboard and I have the inenviable task of giving one of Harlan’s presentation (he had prior commitments and I will be filling in for him). The name of my talk is “Plone tools aiding Cultural Heritage” and I will touch on some of the NUAMPS work in China.

Right now I am taking pictures using my Sony Ericsson camera phone, so please excuse the poor quality of images. I also am without Photoshop or any image editing software so I am using a complicated system of Apple Preview and taking screenshots to get these images in the blog.

Off to run through my presentation and then sleep. More blog tomorrow…