WordPress and Geo Tagging

Last year Chris incorporated a Geo Tagging Tool into our WordPress instance.  This has been a great tool, and after Chris’ modifications to the display of the Lat and Long (details here), it has fit nicely into our blog’s design.

This week the Geo Tagging feature has been improved. The system used to require the use of an external site to generate the lat and long coordinates, then they could be copied over to our post. Our new system incorporates a second Geo Tagging Tool WP-GEO by Ben Huson.  This tool is designed to add a tagged Google Map to your post.  Which we will not be using, but the part of Ben’s pluggin that I really liked was the the addition of a Google Map within the post administration/writing drop downs.  Using this tool the geo tagging can be done simply by searching the world and clicking wherever you would like your tag to be.

Google Map API Geo Tagging