SIGGRAPH 2014 Post-Conference Presentation

This morning I gave a post-SIGGRAPH presentation to colleagues at A&RT.  Below is an abbreviated outline of the topics that I touched on.


SIGGRAPH 2014 – Laura Kick


  • SIGGRAPH – International Conference and Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques
  • This presentation will touch on:

–      Data Visualization

–      Wearable Computers

–      Cross-Platform Apps

–      Motion Control

–      Animation

A Few Benefits of SIGGRAPH

  • Many direct applications of these technologies and ideas at NUIT in the short and long term
  • Exposure to and exploration of new ideas, technologies, and approaches
  • Industry awareness
  • Inspiration and knowledge sharing with a large community of professionals
  • Personal growth and stimulating creativity

Apollo 8 – Data Visualization

Data Visualization – based on the session lead by Robert Laramee

  • Visualization is the nonfiction version of computer graphics
  • Visualization Goals:

–      Exploration (provide a tool)

–      Analysis (confirm/refute hypothesis)

–      Presentation (communication)

  • Information Visualization

–      Has no inherent geometry

–      N-dimensional

–      “Give a massive data set represented abstractly, are there interactive techniques that will allow us to drill down and see individual data points?” – Robert Laramee

–      Many Eyes

  • Free Tool, but when you upload data it’s available for everyone
  • Scientific Visualization

–      Has an inherent geometry – all data samples are associated with a location and possibly a time coordinate (x, y, z)

–      3-dimensional

–      Space and time coordinates

–      Volumetric Visualization

Immersive Visualization for Science & Research – Data Visualization

  • National Center for Supercomputing Applications @ University of Illinois
  • Hubble 3D
  • Cinematic treatment for public outreach
  • Import data à Explore data à Design scene à Render

The Glass Class w/ Mark Billinghurst – Wearable Computers

  • Trend:  Smaller, Cheaper, More Intimate
  • Hands free, always on
  • Focus on location, contextual, timely information and communication
  • The world is the experience
  • Make sure the interface is glance-able
  • Provide the least amount of interruption and let the user decide to engage or not

Gil Irizarry – Making Cross Platform Apps Quickly

  • Workshop taught by Gil Irizarry, Conoa
  • Using Eclipse Classic & Phonegap
  • We can use HTML to create apps for multiple mobile device platforms

Daniel Plemmons – Creating 3D Interactive Apps

  • How will immersive experience be impacted by technological constraints?
  • What is the goal of bringing motion control into your program?
  • Leap Motion (Visualizer)
  • Unity 3D

Project Draco – Autodesk

How to Train Your Dragon 2 & Animation Tools in the Industry

  • Start trying to create images very early on
  • Why is each character entertaining?
  • How do we get the tool out of the way?
  • What problems are artists encountering?
  • Foster collaboration where the technical side and artists see each other as peers