The Nuamps video team is in day two ( Sunday, December 9 & Monday, December 10 ) of a video shoot recording the Oncofertility Consortium Conference, National Physicians Cooperative (NPC) Kickoff at Prentice Hospital on the Chicago Campus. Some mobile phone pictures of the crew at work :

On Friday, December 7 we completed the reshoots necessary for the completion of the Percussion Ensemble Some Traveling Music, and we are in the midst of post-production. And finally, a list of the publically available programs we have recently delivered, Which does not include two wonderful tribute programs we recently shot for the newly retired Provost Lawrence Dumas, and a talk by the recently installed Provost Daniel Linzer.

For the Center for the Writing Arts:
The Black Arts Movement in the Broader Legacy of the Civil Rights Movement
Welcome/Opening Remarks:
Angels and Tricksters: A Look Back at the BAM and Its Impact – Angela Jackson
Music, Community, and Poetry – Sterling Plumpp
Question and Answer
Response – Alexander Weheliye
I know I Been Changed – Carolyn Rodgers
Bringing It Home: Public Office – Sala Udin

A similar set of videos delivered last for the Northwestern University Law School Conference on the Cost Benefit of Regulations can be accessed at their website.