Educause 2010 Conference Presentation

I presented at the EDUCAUSE 2010 conference this week in Anaheim. Educause is the largest organization focused on education, pedagogy, identifying the needs of tomorrow’s students and the technology needed to support them.

My presentation, Overcoming Barriers to Video Enabled Collaboration Communities in Education, was presented to a half-filled room full of university executive IT staff, engineers and end-users.  I spoke about the ways we’ve been able to overcome these barriers with the use of Vidyo desktop videoconferencing, thus allowing us to collaborate where we haven’t been able to before.

I left 20 of my 50 minutes available for questions and all of those minutes were needed.  A number of university representatives stayed after and we spoke for another 10 minutes about what each of them were planning or conceptualizing, and based on Northwestern’s experience, they were seeking our advice.  I expect a number of follow up calls in the coming weeks for consultations.