Sunday presentation at the DA


Today I spoke to the DA training teams about Photoshop techniques before unveiling schematics of the new rigging. Both were very well received, and the digitization teams are very excited to start work with the SpeedRail rigs from Modern Studio Equipment in L.A. Unfortunately, due to a shipping delay (the latest in a series of near-catastrophes concerning the rigging), we were unable to stick to our schedule for the rest of the afternoon, which was to entail unpacking and separating out equipment for each of the teams. The transport truck is reported to be about 6 hours away now, and our fingers are crossed that the shipment will be on-site by tomorrow at 8:30 AM, as promised. Once it arrives, we can finish our sorting and inventory and at last get out into the caves and begin Phase 2 of our visit, the hands-on portion of the training.