Transcendent Media Sunday

We are about to launch ” The online TriQuarterly Views”, the first component of the migration of the Triquarterly literary magazine from paper to electronic media publication. When the official full launch occurs in July 2010 we are planning on an animation as part of the cover art for the premiere online issue. I’m researching the animated GIF format as part of that project, exploring the use of this animated image type as an artists medium. It has been embraced by a large community of digital artists. The awesome image below was produced by a Brazilian artist, BRUNO 9Li . Included here as an example of just how amazing animated GIF format can be.

Here in NUAMPS we work in new media. Interactive 3-D video in a mult-pane embeddable source from a custom player and application, is something to think about,.

From the same company this is an example of a navigational 3-D movie from inside the demolition of Texas stadium.

And lastly, an old school narrative music video from youtube, just to demonstrate that an audio remix and a re-imaging of a song can still be pretty compelling. Pause the video from the concert clip above before starting the youtube from below …