Chicago History in the palm of your hand

NUIT A&RT has been working for the last few months with Professor Carl Smith and the Chicago History Museum to produce both an updated version of the seminal 1996 web site and a new iPhone mobile app. Building on the great, but now dated work of 15 years ago, we embarked on a refresh and update in early summer. Today you can download the app directly form the App store, and visit the refreshed site at: .

The project features two new significant updates, ten new walking tours of Chicago Fire historical sites, and complete interactive zooming of all of the high resolution images. Professor Smith has added significantly to the original historical research and commentary, and there is an expanded image set of original documents expanding the primary source material that is available in both updated versions.

This project has been a delight to work on, both for the opportunity to continue our work with Professor Smith, extend our collaboration with the Chicago History Museum, and continue to push new and exciting cultural heritage projects developed by Northwestern University Information Technologies out to the world.