Media in Hand: NUAMPS on the iPod

Northwestern University Information Technology (NUIT) is now making original video content available for anyone with Apple’s newly released video-capable iPod.

In keeping with their goal to advance multimedia applications in teaching and research on campus, Northwestern University Advanced Media Production Studio (NUAMPS), a unit of NUIT Academic Technologies (AT), has quickly responded to the improved functions of the iPod by converting a selection of their premiere video presentations to the new Quick Time MPEG4 (.m4v) format and making them available online.

NUAMPS’ video presentations of the two–act opera The Magic Flute, highlights from the Ed Paschke Memorial Service, and Professor Jerry Goldman’s Constitution Day Lecture, “D’Oh! What Popular Culture Can Teach Us About the U.S. Constitution,” are now all available for download from the NUAMPS Web site at

In addition, a promotional video for MediaWorks, NUIT’s student media production lab showcasing the state-of-the-art digital production equipment available to students, as well as a collection of student-created ads for the facilities, has also been re-formatted.

“Great content coupled with NUAMPS’ high production values will find a wide audience,” remarked Jerry Goldman, NUIT Research Scholar, IT Planning & Development. “I’m delighted to be a part of this positively disruptive force.”

“Handheld media is revolutionizing the speed and method of distributing information, opening innovative opportunities for the educational community to benefit from the cultural popularity of compact, digital audio and video,” said Bob Taylor, director of NUIT Academic Technologies. “We are excited to develop and assess effective ways of using new technologies to further teaching and learning at Northwestern University.”