Northwestern University’s Distinguished Secondary Teacher’s Award

In March, the President’s office established an award which would allow graduating seniors to nominate an exceptional secondary teacher from their high-school years.  Over 90 nominations were received, ten were selected as finalists and 4 were selected to receive the award.

To conduct the interview process, the NUIT desktop videoconference solution enabled each of the finalists to participate in a live interactive interview with a committee of administrators and students, some of which had nominated teachers.  Each teacher used the NUIT desktop videoconference software on their computer with a web camera.  They joined the committee, who had gathered into a videoconference room on campus, and the interview began.

Putting a name to a face made a significant difference for the interview process, especially for the committee as they were able to see the passion that each of these teachers displayed as they described their love of teaching, their challenges and the connection they create with students that reignites their love of teaching all over again.

The selected teachers were flown out to Northwestern for a number of activities and receptions over the course of several days this week with the events winding down at a luncheon today in the Great Hall on Haven street.  The administrators, committee members, secondary teachers and the students who made the recommendations posed for a photo outside of the Great Hall.