Northwestern University Secondary Teacher Award Site Launches

This morning all NU seniors were invited to submit a nomination for the Northwestern University Secondary Teachers Award (that’s high school to you and me). The award is a new initiative through the Office of the President.

The site uses NetID authentication, and each student making a nomination effectively creates an account through which they can make updates or edits to their nomination. The email went out sometime around midnight, and by the time I arrived at the office – 9am sharp, thank you – we already had over fifty student accounts created.

The site was developed on a very compressed time line, and gave us an opportunity to really focus on a precise set of interactions – unobtrusive account creation, organized workflow for the submission process, and clear post-submission feedback. It offered a great chance to make sure that all aspects of the user experience were well polished, a luxury that projects with much larger scopes often don’t allow.

To learn more about the award visit