Undergrad Research Blogs now live!

We have been working with the Office of the Provost to put together a new instance of WordPress MU that will be used by Undergrad students to blog about their research grants and travels.

The Office of the Provost sponsors a number of grant programs, including the Circumnavigator Club Foundation’s Around-the-World Study Grant and the Undergraduate Research Grant. Some of the students on these grants end up traveling and having a variety of amazing experiences. We wanted to give some of them the opportunity to share these experiences with the broader public. Our inaugural group of bloggers will rove from Belize to Russia, Rwanda to Italy. In the case of Meixi Ng, she will literally circumnavigate the globe this summer. It is our hope that this opportunity to blog will deepen the experiences for these students by giving them a forum for reflection; we also hope these blogs can help open the eyes of others to those reflections/experiences as well. Through these blogs, perhaps we all can enjoy the ride as much as they will.

Check out the site here