Finishing up our consultation this morning

We are ending our week here with the Dunhuang Academy digitization team. We’ve done classroom instruction, in the computer lab review and evaluation and in the grottoes shooting test and demonstrations. These are two of the configurations that the new shoot rigging and platform is currently set up for shooting ceiling slopes.

One of the main purposes of the consultation here this trip was to work on cross polarization lighting techniques with the team. They are planning to be embarking on a project in Tibet documenting murals at the Potala. One of the issues they will have to confront is the highly reflective surfaces on the murals there. The Tibetan style of mural painting can have a very shiny glaze applied on top of the painting which creates some lighting problems. We’ve worked out specific strategies with the team here which should yield very good results.

The glare coming from the test surface created to replicate the challenges of shooting glazed mural surfaces.

There is some new safety equipment available for working with the scaffolding in the caves. Here I am modeling the safety helmet. It says “Digitization Crew Dunhuang Grottoes”.

Yes, I have one I am bringing home to promote safety in our A&RT NUAMPS digitization studio.

Stefani also had the opportunity to model some of the equipment we brought on this trip.