Gone Baby Gone

The statues at the IGN entrance

As most people know by now, I’ve left NUAMPS to take a position as Manager of Video Technology and Operations for IGN – the photo above is of the statues at the entrance to IGN.  In this role I’ll be doing a lot of the same things I was doing at NUAMPS: namely, keeping shiny things working, and buying newer and shinier things.  Also playing video games.

In my 3 years at NUAMPS, I’ve seen it grow from two DV editing stations in the back half of an office to a full-fledged HD production and post-production facility.  NUAMPS video is now the standard by which other institutions measure in-house production value; an internal video production winning festival awards is almost unheard of.  And with recent upgrades to both technology and personnel, NUAMPS is poised to produce even more amazing HD content.

So as I head off to the left coast, I wish everyone at NUAMPS and ART the best, and will be checking in every now and then to see what fancy new projects are happening.