NUAMPS Launches

NUAMPS is proud to announce the launch of another branch Oncofertility Consortium web hub: Over the past few months NUAMPS...

As Harlan mentioned in his post yesterday, we have launched V3 of the site. One of the major updates to...
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IPD Blogs go Live

The IPD Blogs site is now live.  Built using WordPressMU this site was designed to host multiple blogs with multiple users. ...
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NUIT Staff Meeting:Teresa Woodruff

Yesterday we were fortunate to have Teresa Woodruff come in and give a presentation in front of the whole of NUIT...
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Center for the Writing Arts Gets to Writing

Today we launched the Center for the Writing Arts Blog. The WordPress-based blog was developed to extend the functionality of the...
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From the Whiteboard #4

The tea party.
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Firefox vs IE6: and the winner is Firefox!

It’s official! Firefox 3.0 has now taken a larger share of the market that IE6.  If you’re a web developer, you...
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Oncofertility Webinar

On Tuesday, we broadcast an Oncofertility Consortium webinar, Preservation of Fertility in Patients with Cancer, an interview with Teresa Woodruff, Ph.D....
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From the Whiteboard #3

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Apple Safari 4 Beta

The Safari 4 Beta was released today.  This upgrade to Safari is rather extensive.  Bringing in many of the features of...
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The New Science and Society Blog

This month, NUAMPS launched the new Science and Society blog.  The goal of this blog is to share Northwestern University’s broad...
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NUAMPS has spent the last few months working on a migration of from a Flash based site to a Drupal...
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