Woodrufflab.org Launches

NUAMPS is proud to announce the launch of another branch Oncofertility Consortium web hub: Woodrufflab.org.

Over the past few months NUAMPS has been working closely with Dr. Woodruff and her team to create a singular web presence to encompass the variety of initiatives of the lab. Beyond providing a public face to coordinate previous disparate web communication, the site incorporates current and developing web technologies, serving as a secure internal staff workspace:

Woodruff Lab

We’re currently developing additional technologies including data and document sharing tools, internal forums, lab supplies coordination while integrating existing lab workflows. Here is a sneak preview of the internal lab space:

Woodruff Lab

As well as making the an attractive, well-designed site, we’re hoping to make one that is highly usable for the the Woodruff Lab staff. We’ll know soon enough, but the feedback so far have been very enthusiastic.