Nestle-Purina – Video Case Study #3

NUIT has had the good fortune to work with the Northwestern University Masters of Engineering Management Program, Buckman Associates, and the American Society of Quality to produce a series of video case studies with the Mayo Clinic and Corning Inc. to explore the initiatives and nation-wide influences of a quality-focused company philosophy. Today we are producing a third entry in this series with Nestle/Purina, and how their approach to quality has impacted their company, relationships with customers, and the lives of pets from around the world.  The production is an all day affair, including setting up for the event, a series of on-location interviews and the event itself.  We then combine all of those elements into a coherent narrative that helps students understand the history of these quality-focused companies.  We have Laura Kick, Joey Fandel, and Mikhail Tsirtsan on camera, Peter Berg is our PA, Stephen Poon is on event audio. and I (Mark Skala) am directing the show.  The first quality case study we did  (Mayo Clinic) is reportedly the most downloaded case study on