Beginning 2011 Oncofertility documentary production

Yesterday, the NUIT A&RT NUAMPS video team kicked off filming for our latest project for Dr. Teresa Woodruff: the production of two short documentaries about all things Oncofertility, to be premiered at this year’s annual fall Oncofertility Consortium conference. I am incredibly excited to have another opportunity, after the success of our film, OSA: Sisters in Science, to create more work for the Consortium, and our first interview sessions reminded me of what I love the most about working on these projects– meeting people who are dedicated to and passionate about their work, and having the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations with them about their inspirations and aspirations.

Our two interviewees are both cancer survivors who have made it their mission to provide a network of support and mentorship for other young adult cancer patients, a strikingly underserved community.  Jonny Imerman, founder of Imerman Angels, and Matthew Zachary, founder of I’m Too Young For This!, each spoke with me about their personal histories, their organizations, and the critical issue of preserving fertility for young cancer patients.  Both men were in Chicago to participate in this month’s Virtual Grand Rounds from the 10th Floor of Lurie.  It was my privilege to have a few moments to speak with them on camera, and their extraordinary stories are currently inspiring thousands of young cancer patients, a mission we hope to support further with the production of these videos.


Jonny Imerman of Imerman Angels

Matthew Zachary of I'm Too Young For This!

Finally, on a production technology note, we are shooting these documentaries with a brand new camera system, the Panasonic AF100.  Stay tuned for Mark’s blog post which will tell all about the new horses in our stable!