@ IIT 4 the Apple MobilITTy seminar

While Jon & Dave are at Drupalcon, Rodolfo and I on the IIT campus for an Apple iPod IIT seminar. Northwestern is well represented here, Bonnie & Kathy from NUIT A&RT, Zach & Matt from WCAS MMLC, Nicole from NUL IT, and Adam from WCAS IT are all here.

Lesson number one this morning – learned from Michael Gosz, IIT Vice Provost, is that standardizing all students, faculty, and staff on the iPad brings some real utility to common electronic communication. Apparently, distributing iPads to the Board of Trustees with all communication and documentation pre-loaded saved $30K on printing alone.

There is a 5×5 (25 iPad) tiled display controlled by an IIT student built app, just a slide show running, but still, very cool.

Looking forward to getting some insight on a whole educational community installation.