WSLP Negotiating Seminar

NUAMPS recently completed a fourteen-camera production and marathon twenty-four hour editing session for the Center for Executive Women as part of the Women’s Senior Leadership Program.  For a second year, Victoria Medvec, Executive Director of CEW, contracted NUAMPS to oversee the ambitious video production for a responsive technology component of the CEW’s negotiation seminar.

The seminar, led by Professor Michael Morris of Columbia University, helped female executives hone their negotiation and communication skills. One–on–one negotiations were conducted by 24 participants in concurrent sessions, during which NUAMPS specialists used 14 cameras simultaneously to film a total of 13 dialogues. Each executive’s negotiation session was captured by a dedicated camera.

After the footage was digitized, it was presented in split–screen format so Morris could evaluate and critique both participants in a negotiation at once. Finally, during a round–the– clock, streamlined editing session, NUAMPS prepared the presentation from the original 26 hours of video for a lecture given just two days after the seminar.