The golden age of technology, Live from my iPhone

Live from My iPhone, streaming video.

Video clips at Ustream

For the next week or so, I’ll be live, streaming video from my iPhone. Why? Because I can. When I think of the rather broad issues and difficulties that have followed the technology of streaming live video across the Internet, the fact that we have come to this point in time, now completely astounds me.

So expect the window above to be on and off as I wander around this Holiday weekend, and into my workweek next week. Expect the quality of the stream to adjust to the available bandwidth. When on WIFI, it works pretty well, on the AT&T 3G wireless network, less so, dropping the image to a slow frame rate. If the image in the window above locks up, you can reload with the little circular arrows in the lower left.

The free-app that I am using on the iPhone is the USTREAM broadcaster available from the app store. Getting it going is really easy. Want to send a text message to my iPhone broadcast? Type it in the window below. I’ll be keeping it on mute, but can unmute to talk back if I see the message and feel like responding.

I am astounded at the ease and quality that this mobile device can produce truly mobile online streaming video. In response I am adding a new category here – the” golden age of the iPhone” to keep up with our iPhone and the iPhone technology based posts. Why the golden age? Because when you get the chance to live though one, it helps to recognize it.