Womens Health Science Program Launch


NUAMPS is proud to announce the launch of the Womens Health Science Program (WHSP). From the site:

“The Women’s Health Science Program for High School Girls and Beyond is a program designed to engage small cohorts of high schools girls of all races and ethnicities from Chicago in authentic learning experiences to explore the basic science, clinical applications, and career options in a variety of science disciplines. This program offers four science academies – Oncofertility Saturday Academy, Cardiology Summer Academy, Infectious Disease Summer Academy, and the Physical Science Summer Academy. ”

Currently, the first program within the site is the upcoming Cardiology Summer Academy. One exciting aspect of this project is our incorporation of Facebook into the site. Student users will have the ability to link their account within the site to their Facebook account. Using a specially created Facebook Application, registered users of the site will have the ability log in and out of the site via Facebook as well as view secure upated portions of the site from within Facebook. Here’s a snapshot of the login:

Facebook Connection

Here’s a peek at the student portal (with fake student information of course):

Student Portal

Along with the expansion of the other upcoming academies, we expect the site to grow in its’ use and capabilities, building upon our own learning experiences of the site implementation as well our end user feedback. Stay tuned for updates!