Comprehensive efforts, complex projects….

The negotiations, contracts, grants, people and equipment that moved to get us to this point is a fairly complex project.

From Los Angeles
To Dunhuang

Focusing on the just the people and equipment looks like this:


Which when it all works, enables us to have sequences of meetings concerning ongoing and future projects, in Beijing, Xian and Dunhuang. It enables us to do three days of classroom teaching seminars, install, set up and teach on a new digitization platform for the Dunhuang Academy. Finally have the teams break out and begin a relatively huge multi year digitization project that will be independent of our group, beyond consultation and quality checks as requested. These efforts require the coordination of large teams at Northwestern, our suppliers, and in the Academy here in Dunhuang.

I am heading back today, leaving Stefani, Chris and Jim here for the last four days of the on-site in cave consultation.

The whole team