Take Our Daughters to Work Day promo video

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Today I had the pleasure of leading a tour track group for TODTWD through the NUAMPS video production process, from script writing to uploading the final product to the web.  Our group of about 15 girls, with our video staff’s help, shot and edited a short promotional video for Take Our Daughters to Work Day using various filming locations inside and outside of the library, with the video lab in B181 as home-base.

It was a complete, hands-on video production experience aimed to give the girls some insight into the production world.  The girls split up into teams to perform the script and shoot b-roll footage, and then the whole team reconvened to provide input for the editing process.

Thanks to NUAMPS staffers, including Chris Wallace, who spoke to one b-roll group about the Science in Society website; Erin Kitzinger, who spoke to another b-roll group about the Oncofertility OSA documentary; Stephen Poon and Mark Skala, who led the b-roll acquisition groups and discussed on-set production with the girls; and Dave Look, who took still photos for the event.

Please take a moment to watch the final video, posted here, and view Dave’s stills from the event.  And thank you to everyone in our tour track group, both staff and our visitors, for their hard work!

studio1 studio2 projectbay outside