Triquarterly Issue 141 gets Video

Seven new literary video essays are featured in Issue 141 of the Triquarterly, launched today. This represents the inclusion of a  new form of literary expression for the TriQuarterly, joining the fiction, non-fiction and poetry that have long been the mainstay of the content of the magazine. Guest Curator John Bresland has assembled seven new literary video essays by artists such as Joe Wenderoth, Dinty Moore, and Su Friedrich.  The rest of the issue was assembled by  students as part of the TriQuarterly SCS writing program, led by Managing Editor: Amanda Morris, Faculty Advisor: Susan Harris, Copy Editor: Ruth Goring, and Graduate Fellow: Ben Schacht. The NUIT A&RT advanced media production studio worked closely with the curatorial and student  staff to incorporate not only the video essays, but to also make some other improvements to the whole of the magazine. All components of the magazine are now directly shareable to FaceBook and Twitter. The video technology implemented for the literary video essays is the JWPlayer, and with multi-format encoding the video is playable on all devices. Our production effort for the support of this issue was led by Gus Childs, Rodolfo Vieira and Andrea Gaither, with video production support provided by Stephen Poon and Mark Skala. When we started working with the faculty advisors on this project two year ago, the goal was to keep supporting the evolution and exploration of the meaning and form of the literary magazine as an online experience. This issue represents another good step in that endeavor.