Tech Report : iPhoto 09 is a failure

Despite the rave reviews on the new features that Apple has put in to new iLife 09 I am afraid that in this reviewers real world testing it has demonstrated that it is a failure. While it succesfully sorted thousands of images by using the face recognition tool,  organizing the images into sortable categories by tagging the faces of my kids, in my last test it has totally failed, rendering this new feature essentially meaning less to me. Even though I tagged 6 of my pictures with the face of my brittany, Griffindor, the software tool has proven to be completely unable to recognize my dog’s face in any of other of the 20,000 or so more images I have taken of this important member of my family in the last two years.

iPhoto09 failure

If you notice in the image above despite having tagged six images iPhoto fails to match any more images of my dog. My recommendation to potential users of this powerful software suite at this point is to wait until Apple has corrected this oversight in their face recognition software tool.