Gridiron Flow Public Beta is awesome!

gridiron flow site

The Gridiron Flow public beta has been a long time coming, but looks to be well worth the wait! Geared towards video production professionals, as well as graphic designers and Photoshop artists, it looks like it may soon become an industry standard.

The basic idea of Flow is to simplify the locating of assets related to a final mutimedia project.  Check out this excellent video on the Gridiron site which illustrates Flow.

gridiron flow

I played around with it this morning. First, I created a couple of PSDs; added a few images in via Place, and dragged some into the PSD file.  After exporting JPGs from those PSD files, I created an After Effects Composition from those JPGS.  Finally, after exporting a QuickTime file from the AfterEffects composition, I opened up Flow to see the whole process laid out before me.  Although I have only spent a few mintues playing with this tool, I am pretty sure that it will become one of my favorite pieces of software.  Will follow up on this post after some additional investigation.