From the Whiteboard #1

I have drawn most of my life, in fact as long as I can remember. Before I started school, during school, probably too much during class, and then a great deal at college, where it was finally accepted by my teachers (thank you art school). Ironically, it probably was around college that I became more disenchanted with drawing, probably due to the fact that it became an assignment. If you ever had required summer reading to do in school you can probably recall how much you enjoyed it as a student.

I went to school with some of the most talented people to pick up a pencil, so I never thought much of my own drawing skills. I recall the best compliment I received from one of my drawing teachers upon looking at one of my sketches:

(Pregnant Pause) “This is not a bad drawing.”

Having come to terms with my own ability, I now view drawing as a tool for the work I do. More often than not, I’ll start design work with some rudimentary sketches. Upon relocating closer to the massive whiteboard in our office and being given a decent amount of colored markers, I find much of the planning and thought that NUAMPS is doing takes place on this whiteboard.

And although the majority of it is work, there is some fun that happens.

Therefore it is with great pleasure that I would like to announce the first (of hopefully many mroe) installment of “From the Whiteboard” on the NUAMPS blog:


It started with the Pilgrim drawing (me), but most of the credit here goes to Chris (with Dave adding the explosion in front of the King Kong-ish figure on the right).