NUAMPS in Plone

In the past year NUAMPS video, web, and photographic production has increased both in the number of active projects and in the scope of those projects. We have adopted more advanced technologies and are working with an ever-expanding list of partners (Aluka, BigTen Network, YouTube). With such growth, we have noticed that we are feeling the same pressures described by those clients who come to us for content management needs. We simply can’t continue to broadcast our work using the old model.

We have taken our own advice and migrated our project site and archives to a content management solution. After significant development,  we are proud to unveil the NUAMPS 2.0 run on the open source system Plone. While most of it should look familiar, we made a few changes to our gallery and archive. We also have included a search box at the top of our pages for your browsing convenience (go ahead, type in there).