Dude…where’s my video?

Found out about an interesting new feature from YouTube.

From DownloadSquad :

“You can now browse videos related to the one you’re watching through an interactive web-like interface.

In order to access the feature, first full-screen your chosen video. At the bottom left corner, next to the play/pause button, you should find the the new button. Click on it, and YouTube will take you on a cool, new related-video ride.”

Seems like a pretty neat feature, although when experimenting with a video¬† produced by NUAMPS for SESP, I experience some unexpected results when viewing a “related link” and then clicking back out:

This is not the SESP video

I can assure you Nintendo had nothing to do with our SESP video. Overall I can say this feature does look promising, however I am not certain exactly how useful it will be. Hopefully it will improve when they get all the kinks worked out.