Promotional Videos for Two Northwestern Centers

The video production team has had a very busy spring. It began with our own version of March Madness – creating promotional videos for two Northwester centers, the Chemistry of Life Processes Institute and the new Center for Physical Genomics and Engineering. The Chemistry of Life Processes Institute (CLP), which is located in Silverman Hall, is a group of researchers who investigate the chemistry of biology. They have developed new treatments for cancer, Parkinson’s, cardiovascular disease and addiction. They hosted an event in March and asked us to create a video to launch the festivities:

Another big piece we finished up this spring was an introductory video to the Center for Physical Genomics. Vadim Backman, the Center’s director, has spent the past few years looking to revolutionize cancer treatment, including creating a swab test that would detect cancer in earlier stages. At the Center for Physical Genomics, researchers will look at the structure of the genome (chromatin) and how it can be manipulated to treat diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, and even promote plant health to combat climate change. We have been very privileged to work with these amazing scientists and engineers to create videos that convey the impact of their work to the public.