Luther and the West Filming

We recently wrapped filming for the next MOOC, Luther and the West. This project has been one of the more involved MOOC shoots that we have done. We were able to secure a location at 640 Lincoln where we had a space of our own to build a set from scratch. Our idea was to create a timeline of Luther’s life and influences through today and have this show up behind the professor Christine Helmer. Being able to create a physical space to put this timeline on was great.


We wanted to take a different approach to this MOOC in the filming style. Using the RED Scarlet Dragon and Zeiss 50 and 85mm lenses, the teleprompter was attached for direct address Medium and Close Up shots. Depending on which script was being filmed at the time and what part of the timeline we needed to see, we setup a Kessler Shuttle Dolly on 10 foot rails as a second camera that was being automated. The automation was accomplished using the Kessler Cinedrive in combination with the Kessler Shuttle Dolly. In addition to dolly back and forth move, focus and zoom were also being controlled. This was all setup using an iPad app from Kessler. Once everything is configured and the talent has a mark that they don’t move from, it is a very efficient system to use and we look forward to being able to implement it more in the future.


It was awesome to be able to utilize new technology and processes on this shoot. We spent almost 3 weeks on set filming and have learned a lot about the shuttle dolly and what we would like to use it for in the future!