Students and MOOC production

We’ve produced a large series of video lectures for Professor Todd Murphey‘s Coursera mooc “Everything is the Same: Modeling Engineered Systems” in our NUIT video studio. We’ve also produced a set of video demonstrations of the principles of the course using graduates and undergraduates that work in his lab. These videos were a great opportunity to highlight the students, and also to partner with a new studio space being assembled on the north campus. MSE Professor Michael Peshkin has set up a video lightboard studio in “Tech”. The still image above is an example of the type of supplemental video material supporting this mooc that we shot in the new space. It is exciting to be able to explore and amplify this new teaching medium and collaborate on the content and infrastrucure of the campus. We not only shot video demonstrations by students in this new studio, but also examples of the experiments students taking this mooc will be able to replicate using low cost, easy to acquire materials. The course starts September 23, sign up here.