Purple Pricing, basketball ticket auctions and course nuggets

Connecting the dots, from pedagogy to real world examples of the pedagogy in action is something we occasionally get to see. This week “Purple Pricing for Select Northwestern Basketball games” was started by the NU Athletics. The initiative is introduced from the NU Wildcats Purple Pricing tickets page. The NUIT advanced media production studio worked with professors Jeff Ely (WCAS) and Sandeep Baliga (Kellogg) to create the video explaining this new initiative and how it will work.


Where this gets interesting is that this is the second time we’ve worked with Professor Ely. For his fall economics course in 2012 we produced a set of course nugget videos  and one them directly addresses the issue of the dutch auction, and the pricing strategy put into place for Purple Pricing.

It is really great to be able to see the different sides of producing pedagogical material, and also see it applied in real world ways for the University.