More from the “where are they now ?” file ….

Marcy Capron (B.A. Northwestern University, interdisciplinary studies in communication) has popped up in my newsfeed an embarrassing amount of times in the last few months. She was a student in the 2008 WEB 2.0 design class I taught for SOC, and she worked in our NUIT advanced media production studio for a year after that until spring 2009. This past couple of months she has been recognized as one of the rising stars in the entrepreneurial technology world here in Chicago. Last week her company Polymathic was featured in the Chicago SunTimes, and she has been recognized by Built in Chicago as one of the Women behind Chicago’s Digital Renaissance. We couldn’t be prouder of her accomplishments, and the fact that she once spent a year here with us in NUIT A&RT AMPS. You can follow along with this rising star in Chicago’s Tech scene at her blog at Polymathic.