Rahm Comes to Northwestern

Rahm Emanuel, Mayor of Chicago, visited Northwestern University this evening to speak about his background story, which related to the One Book One Northwestern selection of Alex Kotlowitz’s book, Never a City So Real, in addition to the election and Chicago politics.  NUIT A&RT provided an overflow feed from the University Relation’s team who were recording the event.

Tech Ryan Auditorium was packed (it seats nearly 600).  There was standing room only and aisle sitting in LR2 (seats 292 plus the others in the aisle and standing) as well as LR3,which was about 50% full.  In all, there may have been over 1100 of the campus community here to see our Mayor.

I was assisting on the event, as well as many others from NUIT, and the event was sponsored by One Book One Northwestern and coordinated by the Norris staff, specifically Mike Mckean.  We started a little late, LR2 was about 80* and security was everywhere.  Here’s a view from backstage from my iPhone (sorry, it’s only a version 4).